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Stability in Portuguese property market

JLL’s 2024 Q1 Market Pulse observes that the Portuguese real estate market is performing identically to Q1 2023 in most sectors... In News, Portugal, Property - 13 Jul 2024, 19:02

Food waste initiative

In News, Portugal - 13 Jul 2024, 17:05


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Army Light Orchestra performance in Albufeira

The Army Light Orchestra (OLE) will bring music to Praça dos Pescadores in Albufeira, on Friday, July 19th, at 9:30 pm. In News, Portugal, Events, Algarve - 13 Jul 2024, 11:02

New Portugal to Morocco flights

Ryanair has opened a new base in Morocco, located in Tangier, with flights to and from... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, Africa - 13 Jul 2024, 10:02

Covid victims mainly fully vaccinated

Mortality in Portugal increases

In News, Portugal - 13 Jul 2024, 08:05

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60 Measures to Boost the Economy

IRC Reduction and Creation of VAT Groups. In Economy - 13 Jul 2024, 18:01

Portugal’s 5G Transformation

From Delayed Launch to European Leader.  In News, Business

Spain and England set to clash in Euro 2024 final

Sunday will see the conclusion of Euro2024 as Spain will play England at the... In Sport

Ways to cope with summer temperatures

In Lifestyle

Euro 2024: Spain beat France, England beat the Netherlands

In Sport


Lisbon neighbourhoods becoming “Disneylands”

The BE coordinator has warned that neighbourhoods in Lisbon have turned into "Disneylands", with an excess of tourists and local... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Politics, Lisbon - 11 Jul 2024, 16:05

Retaining and attracting talent key for Portugal

The Prime Minister has stated that Portugal needs to retain staff and import labour of all... In News, Portugal, Politics - 09 Jul 2024, 19:02

Editor's Choice

300 recruited to tackle AIMA backlog

In News, Portugal - 11 Jul 2024, 11:03


Police bring down Algarve and Lisbon drug traffickers

The Setúbal Judicial Police have announced the arrest of 17 people and the seizure of one kilogram of cocaine and 3.5 kilograms... In News, Portugal, Crime, Algarve, Lisbon - 12 Jul 2024, 14:02

Holiday home scam brought down

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has arrested six suspects for repeatedly committing fraud... In News, Portugal, Crime - 10 Jul 2024, 15:32

GNR arrests almost 200 speeding drivers

In News, Portugal, Crime - 08 Jul 2024, 10:03

McCann suspect has arrest warrant annulled

In News, Portugal, Crime - 03 Jul 2024, 15:52


Biden is now a Lost Cause

It really doesn’t matter whether Joe Biden is in peak condition intellectually during a second term as president. He did some... In Opinion - 11 Jul 2024, 12:31

The Medieval Roots of Spirituality in Iberian Music

by Roberto Cavaleiro                 ... In Opinion - 10 Jul 2024, 07:01

Iran’s Rapidly Eroding Theocracy

In Opinion - 08 Jul 2024, 12:01

Spain Africa train tunnel – Fact or Fiction

In Opinion - 07 Jul 2024, 10:31

Who may buy TAP – It’s a ‘hot potato’

In Opinion - 06 Jul 2024, 12:01

The Portuguese Knights Templar – Logistics

In Opinion - 05 Jul 2024, 07:01

France: No Panic

In Opinion - 04 Jul 2024, 12:31

The West: Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

In Opinion - 01 Jul 2024, 12:01

Caring for the Unloved Ones

In Opinion - 27 Jun 2024, 07:01


96% of students fail mathematics

9th-year students improved their Portuguese, but mathematics remains negative, a subject in which only 4% of public schools had a... In News, Portugal, Education - 12 Jul 2024, 15:02

Travel the World & Earn your Degree

Brave Generation Academy (BGA) is excited to announce the launch of the Unique Pathway... In Education - 05 Jul 2024, 10:01

Martinhal Lisbon Oriente/Martinhal Residences and United Lisbon International School celebrate Landmark Anniversaries

In News, Company News, Lisbon, Education - 01 Jul 2024, 15:32

Welcoming a new era at Bright International School Algarve

In Business, Education - 28 Jun 2024, 16:31

Competitive Surfer Champions Alternative Education

In Education, Business - 28 Jun 2024, 09:01

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Prevention measures recommended as Covid-19 cases rise

The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) has recommended the reinforcement of basic prevention and control measures for Covid-19... In News, Portugal, COVID-19, Health - 04 Jul 2024, 17:05

Portugal Covid-19 cases continue to increase

Portugal has a daily average of 12 deaths from Covid-19 and close to 400 new cases, a... In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 04 Jul 2024, 08:05

Experts to draw recommendations for ‘long Covid’

In News, Portugal, COVID-19 - 29 Mar 2024, 17:02

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Portugal third best for poverty risk

Almost one in 10 people in the European Union (EU) could not, in 2023, afford an adequate... In News, Portugal, Europe - 12 Jul 2024, 13:05

€19 million investment in ports

The Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries has announced that by 2027, more than 19 million... In News, Portugal - 12 Jul 2024, 12:02

Railway circulation restored on Algarve Line

Railway circulation on the Algarve Line has been restored, after being interrupted for... In News, Portugal, Algarve - 12 Jul 2024, 11:45

Portuguese trust Justice more than Government

The Portuguese have a higher level of trust in the courts and the judicial system than in... In News, Portugal - 12 Jul 2024, 11:06

Dua Lipa live today in Portugal

Singer Dua Lipa is performing live in Portugal today, with a concert at the NOS Alive... In News, Portugal, Events, Lisbon - 12 Jul 2024, 10:02

Platform to prevent illegalities in taxi drivers

The Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT) and the Uber and Bolt platforms have... In News, Portugal, Business - 12 Jul 2024, 09:02

Government will insist on reducing income tax

In News, Portugal - 11 Jul 2024, 19:02

Portugal has most only child families

In News, Portugal - 11 Jul 2024, 18:05

European court condemns Portugal for late payments

In News, Portugal - 11 Jul 2024, 17:05

Toll fines to be automatically reduced

In News, Portugal - 11 Jul 2024, 15:02