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New Portugal to Morocco flights

Ryanair has opened a new base in Morocco, located in Tangier, with flights to and from Lisbon and Porto. In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, Africa - 13 Jul 2024, 10:02

Second Chance for South Africa?

In Opinion, Africa - 17 Jun 2024, 12:01

Pet Cemetery

In Africa - 15 Jun 2024, 15:31


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Salon Therapy

Marie-Alix de Putter is the founder of Heal by Hair, an initiative that has trained around... In Africa, World, Health - 18 May 2024, 14:31

Nick Robinson (Algarve Addicts), Maria Inês Cerqueira (THOP – The House of Portugal), Nanindi Slabbert (THOP – The House of Portugal), Manuela Robinson (CCILSA – President)

Networking Event in Oporto and a Madeira Visit

In Business, Africa - 10 May 2024, 07:01

Statue Fragment

In Africa, World - 04 May 2024, 12:31

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60 Measures to Boost the Economy

IRC Reduction and Creation of VAT Groups. In Economy - 13 Jul 2024, 18:01

Portugal’s 5G Transformation

From Delayed Launch to European Leader.  In News, Business

Spain and England set to clash in Euro 2024 final

Sunday will see the conclusion of Euro2024 as Spain will play England at the... In Sport

Ways to cope with summer temperatures

In Lifestyle

Euro 2024: Spain beat France, England beat the Netherlands

In Sport

Other Africa Articles

Cabo Verde airport improvements

Works to improve Cabo Verde’s airports and aerodromes, in line with the concession... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Business, Africa - 31 Mar 2024, 10:05

Debt Relief

Somalia has had 99 percent of its debt cancelled, a breakthrough for the country as it... In Africa, World, Economy - 30 Mar 2024, 16:31

Informal Business Drinks Porto

This initiative by the Luso-German, Luso-Brazilian, Luso-British, Luso-Belgian-Luxembourg,... In Africa, Business, Porto & North - 27 Mar 2024, 13:31

Landmark Order for over 100 Flying Cars

Aviterra, a Dubai-based company has concluded a deal with PAL-V to bring flying cars to... In News, World, Africa, Asia - 27 Mar 2024, 10:05

More flights from Lisbon to Tunisia

Tour operator Egotravel will reinforce its charter operation to Djerba, Tunisia, with... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Africa - 24 Mar 2024, 16:02


In a world of monoculture cash crops, an innovative African project is persuading farmers... In Africa, World, Environment - 23 Mar 2024, 14:31

Setting the Stage: CCILSA's 2024 Vision Unveiled Amidst Dynamic Business Breakfast

In Africa, Business - 01 Mar 2024, 08:01

Female Perspective

In Africa, World - 17 Feb 2024, 10:31