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Douro tour voted “Best of the Best” by TripAdvisor

The Living Tours program that showcases the ancient Douro villages and wine regions classified by UNESCO has been distinguished as... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Porto & North - 13 Jul 2024, 15:02


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Edition 1792 13 Jul 2024
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Vilamoura Marina “Best Portuguese Marina”

Vilamoura Marina has received the “Best Portuguese Marina” award for the 13th consecutive year at the Publituris Portugal... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism, Algarve - 09 Jul 2024, 16:02

Lisbon Mayor to “double” tourist taxes

The president of Lisbon City Council, Carlos Moedas, has insisted on increasing the... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Lisbon - 09 Jul 2024, 14:02

Portuguese location revealed as one of the most secret places in Europe

In News, Portugal, Tourism - 06 Jul 2024, 19:01

"Safe Summer 2024" to provide greater security to tourists

In News, Tourism, Algarve - 06 Jul 2024, 15:01

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60 Measures to Boost the Economy

IRC Reduction and Creation of VAT Groups. In Economy - 13 Jul 2024, 18:01

Portugal’s 5G Transformation

From Delayed Launch to European Leader.  In News, Business

Spain and England set to clash in Euro 2024 final

Sunday will see the conclusion of Euro2024 as Spain will play England at the... In Sport

Ways to cope with summer temperatures

In Lifestyle

Euro 2024: Spain beat France, England beat the Netherlands

In Sport


Europe’s coolest city breaks

As the mercury rises in the Med, try these more northerly destinations. In Travel, Lifestyle - 06 Jul 2024, 18:01

Busiest Month Ever for Ryanair

Ryanair has reported its busiest month ever in June 2024, carrying over 19 million... In News, Travel - 04 Jul 2024, 11:31

Fabulous forests and brilliant beer

In Travel, Lifestyle - 21 Jun 2024, 16:06

What’s it like to stay on Europe’s only luxury private island?

In Travel, Lifestyle - 18 Jun 2024, 18:01

Editor's Choice

300 recruited to tackle AIMA backlog

In News, Portugal - 11 Jul 2024, 11:03

Hidden Gems

A glimpse into the past

The abandoned Hotel Serra da Pena – Termas Radium and its fascinating past is a must-see when visiting Guarda’s district... In Hidden Gems, Lifestyle - 08 Jul 2024, 18:01

Amália’s hidden haven

It is all about the beach, the view, the experience, the Fado. In Hidden Gems, Lifestyle - 02 Jun 2024, 16:02

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Abandoned heritage in the Serra da Malcata Nature Reserve

At issue is the Serra da Malcata Co-Management Action Plan, which also involves Sabugal,... In News, Property, Tourism, Central - 06 Jul 2024, 09:03

Excess Douro wine supply

A study released yesterday identifies the main problems for the excess supply of wine in... In News, Tourism, Porto & North - 06 Jul 2024, 08:01

New flights from Lisbon

By September, the tour operator will have charter flights from Lisbon and Porto to... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 05 Jul 2024, 19:02

20% of Portugal GDP to come from tourism

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Pedro Machado, has said that he hopes that by 2033... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism - 03 Jul 2024, 13:05

TAP President expects a "calm" summer

Despite space constraints at Humberto Delgado Airport, Luís Rodrigues expects that summer... In News, Portugal, Company News, Tourism - 02 Jul 2024, 18:01

Best rail connections in Europe revealed

According to a study by Greenpeace, Lisbon is amongst some of the worst cities in Europe... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 02 Jul 2024, 17:01

Algarve city crowned as most sought after holiday destination

In News, Tourism, Algarve - 02 Jul 2024, 14:01

Ryanair criticises European air traffic control

In News, Tourism, Portugal - 01 Jul 2024, 14:01

Find out the most popular destinations for the Portuguese

In News, Portugal, Tourism - 30 Jun 2024, 18:01