According to the regional authority, which is based on data provided by the Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft of Madeira (IVBAM), there were increases of 19.8 percent and 32.1 percent in quantity and value, respectively.

In relation to the last pre-pandemic year (2019), the variations were -0.7 percent in quantity and +3.6 percent in value.

The DREM refers that, in 2021, the national market showed a positive evolution compared to 2020, both in quantities (+63.1 percent) and in value (+70.9 percent), driven by the increase in sales made both to the mainland (+68.9 percent in quantity; +122.1 percent, in value) and in Madeira (+60.5 percent, in quantity; +53.7 percent, in value).

"In turn, the EU market also recorded increases in quantities sold (+8.4 percent) and in value (+15.3 percent), as did the extra-EU market (+26.7 percent and 34.9 percent, in the same order)," indicates the regional statistics authority.

France remained the main market, despite a drop of 4.5 percent in quantities and 1.6 percent in value.

On the other hand, it should be noted the increases in the Belgian market, which registered increases both in quantities (+34.1 percent) and in value (+49.1 percent), and in the Dutch market, with increases in volume sold (+33.2 percent) and in revenue generated (+21.8 percent).

The DREM also highlights the behaviour of the quantities sold to China and Switzerland, with decreases in quantities (-12.9 percent and -17.2 percent, respectively) and in sales value (-22.4 percent and -14.0 percent in the same order)".

On the other hand, the United States of America, the main extra-EU market for Madeira wine, increased imports in volume (+66.4 percent) and in value (+76.7 percent).

Of the total traded, 76.1 percent corresponded to bottled wine, sold on average at €7.25/litre (€6.80/litre in 2020).

The DREM indicates that the remaining wine was sold in bulk at an average price of €2.68/litre (€0.01/litre more than in 2020).

The regional statistics authority reports, on the other hand, that the certification of embroidery, tapestries and trimmings increased in 2021, giving rise to a first sale revenue of €511,000, +4.7 percent than in 2020.

"This evolution represented the reversal of the downward trend that had been dragging on since 2016, although compared to 2019, there is a drop of 6.3 percent," he says, adding: "Note that the increase recorded in 2021 was the result of the increase recorded both in sales made to the domestic market (+14.8 percent) and in those made to the foreign market (+1.8 percent)."

Of the total certified by IVBAM, about 76 percent corresponded to sales made in the foreign market (€388.2 thousand), with the United States (€303.5 thousand) and Italy (€37.1 thousand) being the main markets for this type of article.